Thursday, March 31, 2005

Strikes against the Stryker

An internal Army report shows plenty of problems with the new "Stryker" troop transport. The wheeled vehicle cost $11 billion to develop and 311 of them are deployed in Iraq. The report shows soldiers are pleased with much of the vehicle's qualities. But the report also states design flaws put passengers and crews at unexpected risks from rocket propelled grenades.

The Stryker's armor was too light to protect against low-tech attacks. So, the Army began adding an extra, armor "cage" around the machines. These stop about half the grenades fired at Strykers.

But the added weight of the armor is wearing out tires and wheel assemblies. Crews have to check tire pressure three times a day. And the report shows the Army's replacing "11 tire and wheel assemblies daily." (WashPost via MSNBC)

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Mr. Natural said...

Yea..."they" have treated these machines like pieces in a game...not like real life and death things. It just makes me sick to my stomache.
I am ASHAMED of the way "Murca" treats it's soldiers and sailors. oh gosh, do I sound angry?