Friday, March 25, 2005

Site of the Week -- Taegan Goddard's

A roundup of political news and a rundown of blogs from the right and left. is one of the most comprehensive political websites you'll find anywhere. Mr Goddard's Front Page highlights political stories it'd take the web novice all day to find. His summaries are short, sweet, to the point, easy to follow and fun to read. Not bad when tackling politics.

If you're looking for polling info -- this is the only place to go. had the fastest, most complete updates of every imaginable poll in the 2004 elections.

And on a personal note -- Mr Goddard's links to Watching Washington when I was starting out gave us great exposure all across the Internet. Hey, most of you wouldn't be reading this -- if hadn't first introduced you to my little site. The rest of you, get with the program and check out

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