Friday, December 17, 2004

Sure We Have Red Ink Out the Wazoo, But Let's Throw a Million Dollar Party

Buried away in Washington's $388 billion spending bill is a cool $1 million for a celebration. It marks the 100th anniversary of Norway's independence from Sweden in 1905. Rep Martin Sabo (D-MN) slipped the Nordic nod ot the Norwegian American Foundation into the spending plan. (Grand Forks Herald)

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HP 4600 toner said...

I personally think its absurd that the decisions made by the higher authority is made, and when it comes down to crunch time, nobody's crunching...
Its beautiful to see Obama saying all that he says, but is it really smart and logical to move by these actions now??
Maybe we should all sit down and think for the future of this country for once, we should end many things and come up with some sense to make this world a better place!!