Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rossi Rallies the Troops

Out in the "other" Washington, Gubenatorial candidate Dino Rossi (R-WA) is calling on overseas troops to help him overcome a recount deficit. The latest recount had Mr Rossi losing the governor's mansion by just 129 votes to Democrat Christine Gregoire. Staffers and volunteers are trying to drum up uncounted votes -- including appeals to the military like this one making the rounds:

"In order to maximize accuracy of the still pending Washington State gubernatorial contest, please consider using your medium to ask our military troops abroad that are from Washington State to please IMMEDIATELY contact Governor Elect Dino Rossi's office if they did not receive their absentee ballot (or did not receive it in a timely manner), or if they for some reason feel that their vote was somehow compromised.

"It's imperative that action be taken immediately. While the latest count, and the latest court ruling, position Democratic candidate Christine Gregware [sic] as the victor, the two previous (and many believe, more accurate) counts and court hearings give it to the Republican Governor Elect Dino Rossi.

"The latest court ruling allows the Democrats to "expand the universe" of countable ballots to include over 700 ballots recently "found" in the heavily Democratic sector of King County. While the Republican's don't agree with this ruling (declaring it in contrast to the Bush vs. Gore case of 2000), they're prepared to conform to the revised rules. Thus, the Republicans are seeking to have an additional collection of "found" ballots also counted. Republicans are working to solidify their collection, which includes military voters as described above. Thus, your support in communicating this very important message to Washington State troops everywhere is very much appreciated by all Washingtonians.

"Thank you very much for your efforts to help us ensure that every legal vote be counted."

This is from an apparent e-mail campaign designed to squeeze extra votes into the race before Mr Rossi is forced to either concede or contest the entire election.

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Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

While the race in Washington state was excruciatingly close, Dino Rossi is gasping for air at this point. Yes, the first two counts gave him a lead, but the final, manual, and most accurate count (if you go by reports from those who participated in the process) reversed the result and gave Gregoire the election victory. The fact that Rossi called for Gregoire to concede after the first recount, with her trailing by about 1 vote per county (42 overall), but now refuses to concede himself is proof enough that his campaign's and the Washington state Republican party chairman's rhetoric has been double talk.

The unfortunate thing is that just as Bush and his cohorts have been able to convince a vast amount of people that something is true simply by repeatedly saying it is so, I believe that the same is true in Washington state with regards to this election. The Republicans have accused the King County elections board of fraud and Gregoire of stealing the election so many times, that regardless of the lack of any evidence to that effect, many people believe those accusations and will come away from this election not entirely convinced that whomever is elected will have been so above board and fairly.

Yet, it only takes one vote for a winner to be declared. Sure, it's a bummer to lose that way, no matter what is at stake, but that's sometimes the way it goes.

Needless to say, this has been an election I've been following closely. It is interesting that it hasn't received, IMO, very much national coverage.


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