Thursday, December 16, 2004

Invisible War Wounds

Doctors and veterans' groups warn that the US will be deluged with tens of thousands of returning soldiers facing mental health problems -- and a health care system ill equipped to help them. An Army study shows one in every six soldiers in Iraq shows symptoms of major depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. (NYT)


Black coffee & a smoke... said...

Have you read Col Dave Grossman's book, "On Killing"? It goes a long way into how the military is now trained to kill, and what happens to them when they do. Which also applies to law enforcement of all kinds. Bottom line: Normal humans really don't want to kill other humans, so they have to be trained to do it. It's one fascinating piece of work, that book. I had to special order it, but it was well worth waiting for.

Terry "Tex" Turner said...

I'll look for it. Did see something on the "History Channel" (repeatedly) about Marine bayonet training. The Corps says people have to be trained to thrust a bayonet -- there's something in our nature against thrusting. Recruits want to try slashing -- not very effective for that particular type of weapon.