Friday, December 10, 2004

Ignore That Threat -- Maybe It'll Go Away

More than three years after the 9/11 attacks, Washington has not assessed the risks of attack using general aviation. That includes non-commercial aircraft like private or charter planes -- including full size airliners.

The Government Accountability Office found the Transportation Security Administration has done nothing to assess the threats. That's despite warnings from the FBI that terrorists have looked at general aviation -- as opposed to commercial aviation -- as a way of delivering 9/11 style attacks. The TSA claims it's too costly to do any kind of widespread assessment.

There are 19,000 general aviation airports in the US. Nearly 75% of all aircraft operating in the US fall into this category. General aviation accounts for about $100 billion of the US economy and 1.3 million US jobs. (GAO) [Photo Credit: FAA]
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Black coffee & a smoke... said...

Just found your blog through a mention on and I'm damned glad to see it. Interesting business about Kerik backing out of being nominated for Homeland Security due to the illegal immigrant he'd hired and not paid taxes for isn't it? Sure sounds familar. Works as well as "want to spend more time with my family." I'd say that was the least of his problems in being confirmed to that position. Now Rummy...he flat gets away with murder.