Friday, December 10, 2004

Fool Me Once...

Taxpayer-funded, privately run companies in Florida hired at least 200 people for juvenile justice cneters after they were fired from similar jobs for violence and misconduct.

Some of the fired then re-hired workers had sexual relationships with the teenagers they were supposed to protect.

The Palm Beach Post found people rehired after they'd choked, punched, and head-butted teens in their care. (Investigative Reporters and Editors & Palm Beach Post)

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John Thurow said...

Florida has a lot of problems with its privatization programs, especially in the human services area. Last year there was a story about a girl, supposedly under the care of a contractor, that disappeared and no one even knew about it until three months after the fact. I have friends who became foster parents for in a troubled 5 year old. After about 3 years, the private company took him back in spite of opinions by the judge and sheriff that he was doing fine. It smelled like a company about to lose a revenue stream because the couple wanted to adopt the boy, which would of course cut off state funding for the private company under whose care he had been.