Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Poll: "None of the Above" Leads GOP Pack

"None of the Above" leads the polls among Republican voters. In a campaign of carry-over apathy from the 2006 Congressional election losses, no Republican Presidential hopeful has excited GOP voters.

The latest AP-Ipsos poll points out that nearly a quarter of Republican voters remain undecided after six months of campaigning. And Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain and Mitt Romney all have less support lined up than "None of the Above."

"None of the Above" pulls 23% in the latest poll -- up from just 14% in June.

Rudy Falls Behind Thompson

Rudy Giuliani saw support drop from his front running 35% in March to 27% in June to just 21% in the latest poll. He's been hit with troubles in his early Iowa campaign and scandals in his national campaign organization: His South Carolina campaign chairman was indicted on cocaine charges and Sen David Vitter (R-LA), who was running his southern campaign, was outed as a client of the DC madam.

More trouble for the former NYC Mayor in the latest Zogby telephone poll. It shows former Sen Fred Thompson (R-TN) overtaking Mr Giuliani by one-point -- 22-21% -- in the GOP White House sweepstakes. It's a statistical tie -- but it's the first time Mr Giuliani's name has not topped the list in any poll. (AP via Yahoo!/Political Wire.com)

AP-Ipsos Poll -- "None of the Above" Leads Field

Zogby Telephone Poll -- Thompson Leads Giuliani

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