Thursday, July 05, 2007

The "Libby Defense" May Help Hamas Operative

Legal scholars warn of a wave of "Libby Motions" filed in the wake of President Bush granting Scooter Libby executive clemency.

In announcing his decision to commute Mr Libby's sentence, the president called the 30 month sentence for perjury and obstructing justice "too harsh" and commuted the sentence to probation and a fine.

A man anti-terrorism authorities believe is a Hamas operative is already poised to use the "Libby Defense." Mohammed Salah (pictured) was acquitted of racketeering in connection with Hamas terror campaigns in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

But he faces sentencing on one count of obstructing justice.

Mr Libby was convicted on four counts.

"What the president said about Mr. Libby applies in spades to the case of Mohammed Salah," Michael Deutsch, Salah's defense attorney, to The New York Sun
Mr Salah's lawyer will argue that his client should only recieve probation -- based on the Libby commutation. (NYSun)

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