Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iraq Report Card Getting Washington Grounded

The President's report on Iraq's progress shows a failing report card.

Of the 18 benchmarks the country has to meet, Iraq showed "satisfactory" progress in only eight, mixed results in two others, and failed the other eight.

The report has to be presented to Congress by the end of the week -- it's expected on Capitol Hill today. The President is still trying to buy time -- saying he won't make any final decisions on Iraq policy until he gets a report from his commanders on the ground in September.

But a steady flow of GOP defections from the President's Iraq policy on Capitol Hill may be forcing his hand sooner than he'd like. And the most recent polls show American opposition to the Iraq War at an all time high.

The big question is -- if Iraq has a failing report card, why are our troops being held back? (Reuters)

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