Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You've Seen his Picture

Arnie Sachs was a Washington newspaper photographer.

He died Friday.

He won the Grand Prize and Spot News Awards from the White House Photographers' Association back in 1958. That was for a picture he snapped during the Little Rock Central High integration crisis. "Fallen Integration Fighter" showed a protestor lying on the ground, trying to take a bayonet away from a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne.

But you remember another picture with an Arkansas connection he snapped.

He was working freelance for the American Legion at the White House when he took it.

Mr Sachs was taking pictures during Boys Nation at the White House Rose Garden on July 24, 1963. Lots of pictures of Legion leaders posing with the President.

That's when a teenage kid broke through the lines and ran right up to JFK. Arnie Sachs probably didn't think much at the time of the picture he took with JFK shaking hands with 16-year-old Bill Clinton from Hope, Arkansas.

It would one day be the most famous shot he ever took.

Arnie Sachs was 78. (WashPost)

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