Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems take House, Governorships, Legislatures -- Senate still Undecided

The Democrats have set a political precedent. reports for the first time in history, a party did not lose a single Senate, Governor or House seat it was defending.


Democrats needed 15 seats to take over the US House.

They picked up 28 seats in the House.


As of Wednesday Morning, Democrats picked up 4 of the 6 they need to take the Senate -- but Virginia and Montana are still in play, giving the Democrats the potential to take the upper chamber.

Update: AP has called the Montana Senate race for Democrat Jon Tester. That leaves only Virginia in play at 2:00 pm EST, Wednesday.

Early this morning, Republican Bob Corker won the Tennessee Senate seat, Democrat Claire McCaskill took Missouri. Democrats held New Jersey and made gains taking Senate seats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Rhode Island early in the evening.

An all night hand count is still going on in Montana where election officials failed to set the automatic count feature on voting machines.

The count's still going on in Virginia, where Democrat Jim Webb declared victory in the Senate race. The count appears close enough to allow a recount. That can't begin until after the votes are certified November 27.


Democrats gained 6 Governorships.

That now gives Democrats a majority of Governors -- 28.

Democrats also made gains in state legislatures. From Reuters:

So far, Democrats control both chambers in 21 states, while Republicans control 15 and 9 were split between the two parties....

Control of state capitols could spark new redistricting plans to benefit Democrats in Congress. (CNN)

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