Monday, November 13, 2006

Gibbons Gets Subpoenaed

Police are serving subpoenas on Rep Jim Gibbons' (R-NV) gubernatorial campaign staff. From the Las Vegas Sun:

Metro Police have subpoenaed telephone records of Republican Gov.-elect Jim Gibbons, political strategist Sig Rogich and other witnesses in the investigation into allegations that Gibbons assaulted a woman and tried to force himself on her sexually.

Home and cell phone records of everyone who was drinking with Gibbons and Rogich at McCormick & Schmick's restaurant before the Oct. 13 alleged assault on Chrissy Mazzeo were among the records subpoenaed, sources close to the investigation told the Sun.

Others at the restaurant whose records were subpoenaed, the sources said, include Mazzeo's friend, Pennie Puhek, and two women, Georganne Bradley and Michelle Diegel, who work in a law firm that shares a Hughes Center suite with Rogich's public relations company.
Rep Gibbons won the Nevada Governors race in last Tuesday's elections. (Las Vegas Sun)

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