Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sen Allen Considers Surgery -- To Remove the Foot in his Mouth

Sen George Allen (R-VA) now says he has Jewish roots. The statement comes just one day after a bizarre breakdown during a debate where he refused to talk about his mother's heritage and blasted the reporter asking the question for "making aspersions about people" because of their religion.

Allen's supporters didn't help, booing at the suggestion Sen Allen might be Jewish. (See Video)

From the Washington Post:

Allen's campaign manager said the senator believed the question was hostile because it followed another one about whether Allen had learned the word "macaca" from his mother. The word, which Allen used last month to describe a [Jim] Webb volunteer, is a French slur for a dark-skinned person. Allen's mother, Henrietta "Etty" Allen, is a native of Tunisia and speaks French.
Sen Allen faces an ever tightening race against Democrat Jim Webb, since a series of gaffes starting with the famed "macaca" slur caught on videotape. (WashPost/Wonkette)

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