Monday, March 24, 2008

17 Signs That You Are Being Wiretapped

Feel like you're being watched? Or in this age of state sponsored fearmongering where being afraid in the name of patriotism, do you feel like you're being listened to?

The folks at VOIP-News have a list of 17 things to watch out for if you think your phone's tapped. Things like:

You hear strange noises, like clicking, popping, static and humming.

Your phone makes noise on its own.

Your radio has strange interference.

Who knows. Maybe somewhere in Washington, in a dark, musty warehouse, amid acres of crates containing everything from the space suit Neil Armstrong wore at Area 51 while faking the moonlanding to the Ark of the Covenant there is a simple cardboard box. It contains reams of paper. Each a typed transcript of every phone call I've made in the last seven years. And every one ends the same.

"We'll have that pizza there in 30 minutes or less, Mr. Turner." (VOIP-News)

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