Tuesday, February 26, 2008

War is a Growth Industry

You'll spend more than a trillion dollars for the Iraq War. Much of that money is going to contractors who've used Superbowl tickets and hookers to pocket bales of cash in shady war profiteering plans. From the Chicago Tribune:

Hundreds of pages of recently unsealed court records detail how kickbacks shaped the war's largest troop support contract months before the first wave of U.S. soldiers plunged their boots into Iraqi sand.The graft continued well beyond the 2004 congressional hearings that first called attention to it. And the massive fraud endangered the health of American soldiers even as it lined contractors' pockets, records show.
Among the charges of overcharges -- a Halliburton subsidiary which billed you the taxpayer $45 for every can of soda pop it shipped to Iraq. (Chicago Tribune)

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