Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Product Safety Honcho Turns Down Money, Staff

The head honcho at the Consumer Product Safety Commission says things are going so great -- they don't want more money in next year's budget. Acting Chairwoman Nancy Nord has fired off two letters to Congress -- asking members to dump plans to double the SPSC's budget and rebuild its dwindling staff.

Afterall, things are great! No big scandals about unsafe products.

No poisoned dog food or toothpaste.

No tires falling apart at highway speeds.

No lead paint on toys.

Seriously. Have you even tried to keep count of all the scandals involving tainted products from China this year?

The good folks at the CPSC could use some help in stopping this stuff before it gets to market.

When scandals of tainted Chinese toothpaste and fish popped up across the U.S. earlier this year, China actually executed their bureaucrat in charge of food safety.

Here, if things get out of hand -- I guess we can always rely on FEMA! (NYT)

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