Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gonzales Lawyers Up

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has wasted no time in lawyering up for possible court action against him. From Newsweek:
"Gonzales’s choice of counsel, George Terwilliger —a partner at White & Case—is ironic if not surprising. A former deputy attorney general under the first President Bush, who later helped oversee GOP lawyers in the epic Florida recount battle of 2000, Terwilliger had been a White House finalist to replace Gonzales—only to be aced out at the last minute by retired federal judge Michael Mukasey. "

His biggest concern is the expanding Justice Department IG investigation. That probe has spread from the US Attorney firings to inlcude the warrantless wiretapping program and possible CIA torture techniques approved by the Justice Department. (Newsweek)

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