Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Timing is Everything

Turns out former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld resigned before the 2006 election. President Bush read his resignation letter on election day -- but waited until the next day to announce the resignation.

The Associated Press got it's hands on the letter after repeated Freedom of Information Act requests.

Guess which two words never appear: "Iraq" and "war." The Iraq War is alluded to with ephimisms such as "challenging time for our country."

The delay has got people wondering why the delay in announcing the resignation.
"[Mr Bush wanted to avoid] the appearance of trying to make this a political decision." -- White House spokesman Dana Perino

A stamp on the letter shows Mr Bush read the resignation letter as voters were going to the polls. A massive anti-war vote swept Democrats into majorities in both houses of Congress. Political observers question whether the administration tried to cut GOP losses by holding off on the news. (ABC)

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