Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bush Stripped Bare in the Polls

The latest AP-Ipsos poll shows President Bush is to the point where you have to be like him to support him. From the Associated Press:

"To see the type of person who still backs him, President Bush need only look in the mirror. The president fits the composite of today's Bush supporter: a conservative, white, Republican man, an evangelical Christian who goes to church regularly."
Maybe "going to church regularly" is partly to pray for better support from the American people.

The poll shows two-thirds of Americans dislike the job President Bush is doing. Only two-thirds of Republicans and just one-third of independents approve of the job he's doing.

As long as his poll numbers have dropped into negative territory -- President Bush has found it almost impossible to get his policies past Congress. (Times-Tribune)


Anonymous said...

I see as bad as Bush is, Congress rates even worse.

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