Monday, February 12, 2007

FBI Loses Guns and Laptops

The FBI has managed to lose more than 300 weapons and laptop computers in less than three years.

Some of those computers contained sensitive or secret information.

The Justice Department's Inspector General tallied up the losses.

The IG's report shows 160 weapons were lost or stolen. And 160 laptops met the same fate. At least ten of the laptops had classified information on them. One had information identifying FBI personnel.

Seven missing computers belonged to counter intelligence or counter terrorism divisions. But the FBI couldn't decide if there was any important, national security information on any of those.

This isn't as bad as a 2002 report that found the FBI had more than 300 weapons and more than 300 computers stolen in the previous 28 months.

Back then, the IG came up with a list of reccomendations the FBI should follow to hang on to guns and computers.

But this time around, the IG found the FBI didn't always take their 2002 suggestions seriously. (Reuters)

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