Friday, April 07, 2006

A Fine Mess

Washington isn't collecting the fines owed our government. And that's costing taxpayers.

The Associated Press pored through federal records and found the amount of unpaid federal fines shot up dramatically in the past decade.
"The government is currently owed more than $35 billion in fines and other payments from criminal and in civil cases, according to Justice Department figures." -- Associated Press

Tuns out, both individuals and corporations routinely avoid large penalties for wrongdoing.

They try negotiations, bankruptcy, or simply relying on the government to lose track ow who owes what.

So how much is this costing you?

The folks at the AP, say enough to cover the annual budget of the Department of Homeland Security. (IRE)

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Carol said...

While crusing the web I found a site that made light of the whole mess. They even came up with new holiday - too funny!