Tuesday, November 27, 2007

De-Icer Scandal Sends a Chill Down Your Spine

A company that provides de-icing services for airliners at 11 US and foreign airports has been caught slipping the answers to job candidates taking de-icing tests.

Job seekers have to be certified for the de-icing jobs.

KCNC-TV got undercover video of airlines feeding answers to the applicants.

Servisair deices airplanes for 22 airlines at Denver International Airport.

The station spent three-months investigating the story.

Airlines were caught feeding answers to 14 written tests to applicants for Servisair's 500 deicing jobs.

So now you may have people who know nothing about de-icing planes working on your flight this winter..

Just for the record, the FAA says since 1993, 135 airplanes have crashed and 171 people have died because the planes were not properly de-iced. (KCNC-TV/Al's Morning Meeting)

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