Monday, September 10, 2007

How Time Flies! 16 Weeks 'til Voting Starts

Voting in the 2008 election starts in just 16 weeks. As Al Tompkins at the Poynter Institute points out:

A third of all votes cast in 2008 could be absentee or early votes, an election watcher tells The ballots will have to go out soon -- so we could be about 16 weeks from the first votes being cast. points out that absentee voting ballots for at least four states go out around New Year's -- and some west coast voters could cast their votes before 2007 is done.

California starts mailing out absentee ballots on December 27. New Jersey and Tenessee will mail theirs out the first week of January. Early "in-person" voting begins Jan 10. also has the latest state-by-state schedule for primaries and caucuses.

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