Friday, April 20, 2007

Alberto's Alzheimers

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had a hard time remembering things when he testified on Capitol Hill Thursday. From
His performance clearly exasperated the committee members, who were angered as he invoked a faulty memory more than 50 times.
NPR reports Sen Charles Schumer (D-NY) kept count and came in with a higher number:

Schumer said he counted close to 100 "I don't knows" or "I don't recalls" in Gonzales' answers.
Dana Milbank of the Washington Post puts it somewhere in between:

Explaining his role in the botched firing of federal prosecutors, Gonzales uttered the phrase "I don't recall" and its variants ("I have no recollection," "I have no memory") 64 times. Along the way, his answer became so routine that a Marine in the crowd put down his poster protesting the Iraq war and replaced it with a running "I don't recall" tally (see picture at right from the Washington Post).
Any way you count it, ain't you glad you didn't make it a drinking game? Well, unless you were alread on a liver transplant list? (

Need More? Here's The Daily Show's take on it:

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