Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tom DeLay -- The Democrats' Friend

Tom DeLay may have cost Republicans control of the House of Representatives. Maybe not this year -- but after this year's elections.

Tom DeLay had to leave his leadership role and has since left Congress over his role in a Congressional redistricting scandal.

The US Supreme Court ruled that Texas' redistricting is pretty much OK. There are problems with one district but the Court ruled states can redistrict anytime they want -- not just after a Census every 10 years.

The problem for Republicans is that Democrats are poised to win control of some pretty populus states this fall -- and that could mean more Democratic seats in Congress.

Kiplinger Forecasts reports:

"We expect Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey and New York to wind up with Democrats in control of both the governor's mansion and the state legislature after the November elections. So redistricting in those states might shift enough seats to the Democratic column to give that party a majority."

The Democrats may no longer have Tom DeLay to kick around -- but you can bet some Republican strategists are kicking around some ideas for kicking his butt.

The redistricting wasn't the scandal. It was funding the redistricting that brought Tom DeLay down. The Washington Post called the court decision a "hollow victory" for Mr DeLay -- since it won't affect his upcoming criminal trial.

DeLay's Potential Democratic Legacy

In the end, it was for himself --not his party that Mr DeLay got Texas redistricted. The move meant more Republicans in the House and extended the survival of a GOP majority. But utlimately, the additional Texas Republicans were beholden to DeLay -- giving him muscle within the "inside baseball" of Capitol Hill power struggles.

The ticking timebomb of nationwide redistricting frenzies that could shift control to the Democrats was always there. Mr DeLay jumped the Democrats and expected to get crowned. Too bad, he was playing chess instead of checkers. (Kiplinger Forecasts/HT:

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